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The Town of Sheboygan Sanitary District No. 2 Sewer was formed in December 1972 following an order by the Wisconsin DNR that the City of Sheboygan provide sewage treatment facilities capable of servicing the Sheboygan “region”. The City would receive funding from the State to make the necessary improvements to their existing treatment plant with the condition that outlying communities be allowed to have flows treated by the Regional Treatment System. The City of Sheboygan and the outlying towns, villages and cities seized this opportunity to execute an agreement whereby the City of Sheboygan would accept, treat and dispose of all sewage transported to its new wastewater facility from all the municipalities who entered into the 1975 Joint Sewage Treatment Agreement.

The Town of Sheboygan Sanitary District currently serves 3,147 connections, including single and multi-family residential and over 50 public and commercial connections. New residential and commercial properties are connected regularly. The Sanitary District maintains and operates 7 lift stations, 42 miles of sewer main and 650 manholes. The Town of Sheboygan sanitary sewer system discharges to a main lift station along the Pigeon River and to a Western Interceptor System on Erie Ave., which subsequently discharges to the City of Sheboygan sewer system for treatment at the Sheboygan Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant. Average daily discharge includes 1 million gallons per day to the Main Lift Station and 0.5 million gallons per day to the Western Interceptor, with peak flows greater than 2 million gallons per day.

The Town of Sheboygan Sanitary Sewer System is maintained and operated by a DNR Certified Wastewater Treatment Staff with the Town of Sheboygan Department of Public Works. In addition to routine maintenance, the entire system is cleaned, televised and inspected by a contractor on a 6-year interval. A Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System provides continuous monitoring of lift station functions and operations with alarms generated to alert staff to potential overflow and malfunction.
The Sanitary District has 3 Commissioners and 2 Alternate Commissioners, who meet every 3rd Monday of each month. The only debt the District carries is for improvements in 2012 by the City of Sheboygan for the Western Interceptor Rehabilitation Project. The current amount due is $84,182.08 with final payment in 2030. The District’s 2018 capital assets were $14,040,774.00 with an annual operating budget of approximately $850,000.00. Revenue comes from the mill tax, sewer connection fees for new or altered properties and quarterly charges.

For more information contact the Town of Sheboygan at 920-451-2320.


Learn About Your Water District

The Town of Sheboygan Sanitary District No. 3 Water was created in 1985 because in October 1984, the State of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) announced that they had performed sampling of private and commercial wells over a period of time and they found that areas in the Township had contaminated wells. The cause of the contamination was unknown at that time and is still unknown today. The DNR mandated the Town install water monitoring wells and methane gas monitoring wells around the Town landfill. The Town Board immediately contacted the City of Sheboygan, requesting that the Town be allowed to purchase water from the City for those residents with contaminated wells. The costs incurred were covered by State funding.

The Town Board also conducted a survey of the residents and property owners to find out if they’d want to annex to the City so they could be supplied with municipal water. Based on the survey results, the owners did not want to annex and asked that the Town Board research the possibilities of the Town providing a municipal well and water system to serve their needs now and in the future. The Town Board contracted Donohue & Associates to research this possibility. Their findings and recommendations to the Town Board were that a municipal water well and water system could be provided by the Town for the residents and property owners in the affected area. They also recommended that with proper planning and engineering, a water system with adequate capacity could be designed to serve residents and property owners in other areas of the Town of Sheboygan, should the need arise in the future. The Town Board then authorized Donohue & Associates and the Town Attorney to proceed with the necessary documents and arrangements requesting permission from the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin to create a water utility. Following a public hearing held at the Town Hall, the PSC granted the Town permission to create a water utility.

The first Town well was constructed at 5221 Superior Ave. and the first water tower still stands north of the Town Hall. A second well was added at 3329 N 48th Pl in 1995. The second tower was constructed in 1995 in the Town Business Park and a third well was constructed at 5058 Lakeshore Rd. in 2010. The Water District operates and maintains these three wells and two towers, along with 217,939 feet water main and 495 hydrants.

There are currently 1,945 residences and businesses connected to the water system, with new customers all of the time. The District has three Commissioners and two Alternate Commissioners, who meet every third Monday of each month. The District is debt free, with 2018 capital assets of $13,165,191.00. Revenue comes from the mill tax, antenna rentals on Tower 2 and quarterly charges.

For more information contact the Town of Sheboygan at 920-451-2320.

Water/WI DNR Link


Visit this helpful link to learn about the WI DNR Water requirements, reports and your Town Water!

Sewer Rates

New rates effective:  January 1, 2024

Residential single-family homes with private wells are charged $53.03 per quarter.

Residential single-family homes with Town water are charged $28.75 per quarter plus $0.00195 per gallon of water usage.

San 2 - 2024 Rate Chart

Water Rates

The minimum charge for the first 4,000 gallons would be as follows:

(Note: standard single family residential meter is 5/8")

New rates effective:  January 1, 2024

5/8" & 3/4" meter = $25.79
1" meter = $28.92
1-1/4" meter = $31.43
1-1/2" meter = $33.94
2" meter = $41.48
3" meter = $53.43

After the first 4,000 gallons at the above amounts, the charge will be $2.64 per 1,000 gallons.

PSC 5377-WQ-105 Final Decision

San 3 - 2024 Rate Chart Water Customer Notice

Meeting Dates

The Districts monthly meetings are held the third Monday of each month at the Town Hall. The Water District's meeting begins at 4:00 p.m.; the Districts meet  jointly after the Water District meeting; the Sewer District continues with their monthly meeting after the joint Districts meeting. These meetings are open to the public and residents are welcome!
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